Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I wish them all could be California girls...

... well not really. They are all very friendly, but generally, like everything else in California, their asses are supersized. I am in Pasadena since Monday afternoon, leaving again tonight. So far I am very impressed by the USA - the people are not arrogant and noisy at all, they are in fact pleasant to deal with and totally on the ball. Its a very cosmopolitan society here - people from all parts of the world.

Like usual, this blog is going pear shaped in terms of sequence - I have several half written sections to be posted still, including my amazing experience in Rwanda and my account of the Swazi Frontier. Stay tuned!

Bye for now


  1. Hi
    How's the broken head? When are you back in Cape Town? Jeanne

  2. As a California girl, I resemble that remark...