Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dull dahl days

I just spent an hour composing a post about pretty much nothing at all then accidentally deleted it. I hate laptop keyboards.

Anyway, where was I. Yes, welcome back to the boring blog world championships. Nothing much to write about here. 12 hour working days, interspersed only with dahl and rice for lunch and dahl and rice for dinner. Occasionally we have rice and dahl just for a change. If you would like to read an interesting blog, allow me to recommend;; or

It was great to be home for the weekend though. I can show you a another pic of Kilimanjaro taken on the way home:

But I thought her sister peak Mount Meru more spectacular:

On the way back there were huge thunderstorms, and the aircraft was meandering around them, occasionally skirting through an anvil head. I was amazed to be looking up at Charlie Bravos towering well above 40 000 ft overhead. This one was still developing; viewed from cruising altitude of 38 000 ft:

That's about all I have to tell. I was planning to go to the Masai Mara on the weekend to catch the grand finale of the wildebeest migration, but now I have to work Saturday. *&%$*@!!. On top of it all, I have come down with a miserable cold. Last thing I need ahead of the Swazi Frontier in less than 2 weeks. Protocol dictates that I get checked out for malaria - I hope to fit that in today.

For the last few days the Kenyan national cricket team has been practicing on the field below the office. They are quite good, with victories over the Windies and India to their credit. I thought that the coach looked familiar to me - Its Peter Kirsten!

Kenya cricket team

OK, bye now. Sorry for the miserable blog.

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  1. It is not a miserable blog - always entertaining. I didn't know you were back already - thought you were driving up as planned, but relieved that you are safe. Please have that cold seen to in case it turns out to be swine flu and yes, malaria shot is definitely advised. I know someone who died of cerebral malaria - the daughter of a medical doctor who thought it wasn't necessary to take precautions. Can you believe it?
    Look after your body - it is the only one you have.