Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week 1 down!

Happy braai day, one and all!

Up here, it was a pretty hectic work day. A tense 4½ hour meeting with lots of agro, no lunch and leaving the office at 7:30 only - well after dark, so no exercise for me today. Talking of which, all the locals advise me not to go ride my bike in the park / forest. There is a sports field behind the hospital, surrounded by security fencing and buildings. This is where everyone comes to exercise. It's essentially a cricket field with a gravel walking track around it. You see the expats all going for their daily walk here, round and round in circles like a bloody prison. I could not handle it - I would rather take my chances in the bush. Worst that could happen is someone takes my bike.

I am really getting into the work. I could not imagine that I would have enjoyed the challenge and the pressure so much. I have to pretend that I know everything from boilers to fountains to Linac machines to intravenous drip rails to nurse call stations etc. Apparently, I can bullshit quite well. Working in this hospital, which is building a large new wing to accommodate an ultra modern oncology facility, also makes me feel somehow connected to Charlotte, who spent so much of her life dedicated to her work in oncology, before falling victim to it herself.

I am extremely impressed by the quality of the contractors and the design of the hospital services. Its a very first world design and the contractors are doing their utmost to implement a first world installation. Where in SA have you ever seen an air conditioning sub contractor site supervisor stand on site, laptop in hand, doing a 3D model to resolve a clash?

Things are looking up. I am soon to move into new apartment all to myself. Its newly built and will be furnished from scratch. 3 bedrooms, so any visitors this end of the world are welcome (its not quite the arse end of the world, but you can smell it from here). I will of course miss Grace. I have become quite appreciative of my laundry, ironing, shopping and cooking being done for me! I think I might have a look at finding a wife. Suddenly being hot and young seems not quite so important anymore!

There is also a transport plan being hatched. One solution is that I drive my bakkie up here. That would be pretty cool.

Here's a photo of the view from my office window:

See older posts below - I am also adding some pics from my ride the other night.

That's about all I have to tell. I went to a club last night called Gypsy's. It was a bit boring. There were a few other Mzungus there and I got chatting to some pommies working on a powerstation. I noticed 2 really hot local chicks unaccompanied at a table and sauntered over in that direction. The moment we made eye contact I was greeted with a cheery hello and an invite to join them. D'oh! Ho's. What was I thinking? Back to the yobbo poms.

Anyway, the beer was cheap and I had to be at work early today so by 10 I was out of there.

This it for now. Looking forward to being home for the weekend!


  1. Hey Dick
    Sounds like you're having lotsa fun! Lets do some biking together this weekend.

  2. Hey Dick
    And here you said that we dont ever read your blogs...oh he of little faith...LOVE should write a book...can feel/touch all around you...look fwd to next post...BIG KISS..Janine

  3. Hey Ish! I'm heading for Grabouw Country Club on sunday with keith to do the TruCape route - Join us! Dick

  4. Wondering whether you are back already? Pity about the rain the whole week end.....
    Your eldest sisi was thinking of you being around the corner, but couldn't invite you to a meal because she is on a no wheat, yeast, sugar or alcohol diet. Boring boring boring.
    Happy to hear about your "unique" way of handling challenges and stress. I really enjoy your blog and agree with Janine that you should write a book. Love

  5. Your phone call was such a nice sprise!! I miss you lank...

    Going for Supr with mini-me 2nite

    Take care
    Sonskyn kuki
    mwa mwa mwa